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Zipato Home automation in kerala

People were always trying to make their homes safe and comfortable. Through the time, various technologies were developed in order to make homes safer, more energy efficient, thus convenient. Zipato takes the next step in this home technology evolution, finally providing people with the complete control over their homes, no matter they are at home, or away. Among various new systems available on the market today, Zipato’s outstanding set of functionality and customization options make it a perfect, all-in-one system for complete home control; security, safety, climate, lighting, shading, door control and energy consumption management.
Easy to install and use, flexible and extremely affordable, Zipato is perfect solution for any home, not just a luxury ones, which is the reason why thousands of customers already improved their homes by using Zipato system worldwide.
Each home equipped with Zipato is being 24/7 monitored by Zipato central station, free of charge. In case of burglary, fire or gas leakage, Zipato central station will instantly alert all necessary contacts by using email, voice and text messages.


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Home Automation Kerala

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